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Whiteboard cleaner

Whiteboard cleaners


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To assure board durability, clean it after use. Dirty erasers may stain the surface. Erasers must be replaced every time they are dirt and ink is accumulated
Besides, you should not leave the marker’s ink continuously on the board for more than 3 hours, otherwise you will have trouble erasing it.
After two hours with ink in it, we recommed you to clean the board with Stalo´s cleaning solution.
OBS: Continous utilization of cleaning solution may damage the board
Do not use alcohol or loofahs to clean the board – only soft flanels and erasers

1- Spray the cleaning solution in a small area of 20x20cm and leave the rest of the stained area to compare.
2- clean the area with a soft and clean flanel. Repeat this process until the area is completely clean.
3- After steps 1 and 2, clean all the rest of the board with the flanel, to remove residues of the clenaning solution. Wait 30 mins
4- Check: in the cleaned area, write again with a new marker and also with the marker you were using before. Wait 1 minute.
5- Erase both writing tests with a new eraser.
6- Compare the stains in the cleaned surface and the rest of the board.

Compare the erasing of the new and old markers

1- If both markers got erased after the test, the board is not damaged.
Ink was probably left in the board for more than 2 hours, creating stains
2 – If the writing with old marker is still stained, this marker has low quality. Change the marker
3 – If the writing of both markers are still stained, the board was damaged.

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